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Easy Moist Lemon Cake - Recipe & Video

Updated: Mar 10

Lemon cake is a staple cake flavour that most people love - it's certainly one of my favourites! The recipe that I'm sharing below is one of the easiest recipes I've tried, and is the recipe that I use for all my lemon cake orders. It not only tastes great, but is light, fluffy and super super moist!

This recipe is Alison Holst's Lemon Yoghurt Cake, and what I love about it most is it's versatility. If you don't have lemons, you can substitute it with limes or oranges, and the cake still comes out perfect every time! The only addition I add to mine is berries (raspberries or boysenberries). I LOVE berries, and find that they give a nice fruity element to this cake. Berries are optional, so if you don't have any on hand you can leave them out - though I would highly recommend putting them in! :)

If you'd like to watch how to make this lemon cake, then you can check out my YouTube video here.

YouTube video on how to make this easy lemon cake!


Prep time: 10 minutes │ Cook time: 50 minutes (two deep 6 inch cake tins) or 30 minutes (one 8 inch cake tin) │ Total time: 1 hour (two deep 6 inch cake tins) or 40 minutes (one 8 inch cake tin)

Yield: Two 6 inch cakes (for layering), or one 8 inch cake


-1 and a 1/2 cup (370g) white granulated sugar

-Finely grated rind of two lemons (12g)

-2 large eggs (114g)

-1 cup (215g) canola or other oil

-1/2 teaspoon (2.5g) salt

-1 cup (245g) plain yoghurt

-3 tablespoons (43.1g) lemon juice

-2 cups (226g) self-raising flour

-½ cup (65g) frozen raspberries lightly tossed in 1/2 teaspoon of flour (optional)


1) Heat oven to 350°F/180°C if you're making one 8 inch cake, or to 150°C (302°F) if you're making 2 deep 6 inch cakes.

2) Grate all the coloured peel from the lemons into a large bowl.

3) Add the sugar, eggs and oil, then whisk together.

4) Add the salt, yoghurt and lemon juice and mix again.

5) Sift in the flour and fold in with a spoon until just combined.

6) Mix in ½ cup raspberries (optional).

7) Pour cake mixture into the prepared pan/s and bake for about 30 minutes if you're making an 8 inch cake, or 50 minutes if you're making two deep 6 inch cakes, or until a skewer comes out clean.

8) Leave for about 10-15 minutes before removing it from the tin. Once removed, let it cool completely.

I would recommend serving this cake with a cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream, or if you're looking for something a little simpler, then whipped cream and fresh fruit goes great as well! :)

If you do try this recipe out or have any questions, then please leave me a comment below! I'd be happy to answer any questions. Also, I'd love to see pictures if you try this recipe out, so don't forget to tag me on Instagram @cakesbymk.nz :)


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